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What To Eat Before And After A Workout

Every person who is working out is doing so for some specific reasons. Some want to lose weight, some want to tone up the body or some wants to keep the body fit for a longer and healthy life. No matter whatever the reason is, food diet before and after a workout is one prime factor that determines the outcome of the workout in a large scale. According to studies, proper timing of nutrition helps in muscle recovery and growth. It also influences to shape up the body composition.


It is okay take a little stroll or go for a slight jogging in the morning in empty stomach or after having a glass of water. But doing heavy workout requires having balanced diet before and after a workout. When the body does not get enough protein from the kidneys and liver, it goes looking for that protein from body muscles, hence causing the loss of muscle mass. If one loses the substantial amount of muscle in this way, it will eventually slow the metabolism and make it even harder to lose weight. Also, without having proper food before a workout, the body will not be fuel-ready to give its 100% when required.

According to the doctors, it is better to have protein and carbohydrate before working out. Though even after a workout body requires the same elements, having a dose of protein and carbohydrate before the workout helps the muscle growth more than having these after.

Diet before a workout:

· Greek Yogurt and Trail Mix

Yogurt is always easy to digest and mixed with the trail, it can sure give the body a boost that it needs.

Greek Yogurt

But, it is necessary to remember that the trail must be a nut and dried fruit based and devoid of chocolates as much as possible. Dried fruit gives the energy level a kick and nuts help to keep insulin levels stable during the workout. But, it has to remember that taking a lot of these foods will take a long time to digest. And in a result, one can feel heavy and slow while sweating. So, taking little will do more good.

· Oatmeal and Fresh Fruit:

Oatmeal is a very efficient pre-workout diet element that sticks to the body and releases sugar into bloodstream gradually. While fruit joins this platter, the fluid content of this snack keeps the body hydrated.

Oatmeal and Fresh Fruit

· Smoothies:

Smoothies are always healthy and easy to digest when it comes to the matter of pre-workout diet. They can be made in a very short time and with great ease. Having the smoothie of favorite fruits is always a pleasant experience before a workout. As for making the smoothie- taking up some slices of your favorite fruits, one cup of Greek yogurt and a little bit of granola will do the job quite well. Granola’s thicker composition will make the body feel charged after having a little.

·  Apple Wedges and Almond Butter mix:

When the body requires some healthy sugar, only a handful of foods can match apple. It gives constant energy generation along with a lot of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals for energy boost. To keep the stomach quiet, having 1 tablespoon Almond butter on the apple slices is a very good idea.

Apple Wedges and Almond Butter mix

Some other foods to have before a workout:

·   Brown rice (1/2 cup) and black beans (1/2 cup)

·   Small sweet potato mixed with lightly salted broccoli steamed in olive oil (1 cup)

·   Hummus (3 tablespoons) and multi-grain crackers (10)

Diet after a workout:

·   Salmon and sweet potato:

The bioactive peptides of Salmon help the body to reduce inflammation and keep insulin levels in a healthy state, along with getting protein boost when the body craves for it.

Salmon and sweet potato

When sweet potato is added with Salmon, the carbohydrate will help to restore the levels of glycogen that gets lost after a long workout.

·   Chocolate milk:

Not only the chocolate milk is very tasty for tongue, it also fills up a long list that the body requires right after a workout session. In one single glass, chocolate milk contains protein and carbohydrate that helps in muscle recovery, water to hydrate the body and calcium, sugar and sodium to keep the energy level up. All these ingredients help body to recover fast and regain energy soon.

Chocolate milk

·   Veggie omelet and Avocado:

Veggie omelet and Avocado

Eggs sure are great resources for energy spikes and muscle growth. They are also full of protein. And when an egg goes to become a veggie-packed omelet garnished with some slices of Avocado rather than a scrambled egg, it just becomes the powerhouse for the tired body. Avocado helps the body absorb vitamin A, D, E and K easily that comes from the veggies. And as these vitamins are full of antioxidants, it gives a boost to the body’s energy level instantly.

·   Grilled chicken with vegetables:

A nutrient-packed meal is one of the greatest things body can have right after a workout. Chicken gives carbs and lean protein while making the tummy feel content. When olive oil soaked veggies join the group, the whole platter just radiates with energy spikes.

Grilled chicken with vegetables

Some other foods to have after a workout:

·   Salad and roasted chickpeas (1/2 cup)

·   Sautéed vegetables (1 cup) and non-GMO tofu (1/2 cup)

·  Multi-grain bread (2 slices) and raw peanut butter (2 tablespoons) with agave              nectar

All these foods are full of nutrients and will give the body the perfect energy level that it craves. But it is a must to remember that the time-frame of having these foods will determine the effectiveness of these healthy diet plan. One must eat the foods 20-30 minutes before and 15-20 minutes after the workout session. Only then can the body use this wide range of carbs, proteins and vitamins to their fullest.

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    your post is very informative and useful for me…
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