Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower Review

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Is your schedule so busy that you don’t get time to take care about keeping the body fit and fine? You need not to worry as you can gym at your home with Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower that keeps your body fit with its advanced features. It is very beneficial for those who work outside and hardly gets time to go to gym and fitness centers. This rowing machine is beneficial for various purposes. Doing exercise on rower is like rowing a boat in the lake or pond. Every machine usually has features like tracking speed, distance covered, duration of exercise, and the calories that have been burned. There are various reasons to use and buy this Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower.

The reason to create Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is to replace the gym equipment. This Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower might take more of the space in the room, but the best thing is that it is of lighter weight. This rower machine provides comfort to a person by offing a large monitor, monitoring of heart rate, nylon cords that does not let create noise, flexible foot plates, and comfortable seat height.

What is the best about the Velocity Rower Machine?

The best thing about this Velocity Exercise Magnetic rower is that the product a magnetic resistance that keeps it silent and that is why, Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is ideal to use in homes. The seat built with this equipment is so comfortable and made up of polyurethane leather that it can accommodate the legs of any length. With its large saddle, the device looks comfortable and adaptable. It has a fine gripped padded handles that prevents your hands from feeling tired after the exercise and also you don’t need to wear any kind of gloves to use handles. So, Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is amazing in every way. You can stay fit and healthy with Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower as it keeps track your heart rate and pulse rate. Therefore, it is very beneficial for the fitness freak people.

Features of Velocity Rower Machine:

  • Provides great resistance by a drum magnetic control system.
  • Comes with a heart rate monitor that can be strapped to the chest to analyze the heart rate.
  • It can be folded to save the lot of storage it takes.
  • It consists of a large molded saddle.
  • Equipped with Electronic tension control.
  • It can handle the person with a maximum weight of 275 lbs.
  • It has a rectangular tubing support and the anodized aluminium beam.

Features of the computer used in the machine:

  • It displays the duration for which you perform rowing.
  • It lets you know the strokes you cover per minute.
  • It displays the distance you cover in the exercise and calories you burn.
  • Used as a heart rate and pulse rate meter.
  • Consists of 12 different programs out of which 6 are pre-set programs and one manual program.

Benefits of Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower:

Improving cardiovascular fitness
Rowing exercise increases your heart rate and is beneficial for the lungs and heart as it involves with many muscles of the body. Doing an exercise always enhances the blood circulation in your body. So, in this way, your cardiovascular fitness is improved with the help of rowing exercise.
Enhancing the strength of muscles
The rowing machine helps to enhance the muscle strength as well as muscle endurance. Muscle endurance and strength are two totally different aspects. Muscle strength is analyzed by lifting the weight in just one effort while endurance is analyzed by lifting the weight repeatedly. So, strength and endurance of muscles are increased as in rowing, you need to push and pull the machine against resistance that helps to make your muscles stronger.
Easy to Access
It is easy to access the rowing machine by reading and understanding its manual very well. It might seem complex in starting but as you start practicing it, you start becoming familiar with it.
Dimensions of the product: 45×30×11 inches
Weight of the product on shipping: 89.2 pounds. Model number of the product: CHR-2001. Frame has a warranty of 5 years. Monitor’s warranty is around 90 days, while all the other parts have a warranty of 30 days.


  • The device is of high quality.
  • This device does not create any kind of noise.
  • It has a great resistance power with 16 levels of resistance.
  • A heart rate monitor is built with this device.
  • It has a huge backlit monitor.

  • It is quite expensive, but it is worth to be expensive.
  • Takes more space.


The device Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is efficient enough to provide great benefits if the person uses it appropriately. With its smooth, sturdy and silent features, the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower looks unique and amazing. You don’t require to go to the gym or other fitness centers if you use this equipment as it performs all the roles that you need to perform in the gym.

Although Velocity Exercise Magnetic rower takes more space, but it can be folded too, so as to save the extra space it takes.  You can be your own trainer as you can manage the duration of the machine and also you can be able to set various programs on the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower. Its backlit monitor is efficient to keep you updated about your workout data and plenty of information related to Velocity Exercise.

If you have really planned to buy a gym equipment for your home use, then you can buy this product as it has a great quality, design and overall, it is worth to spend money on such equipment. It is efficient as the company, Velocity has been making various fitness machines that are proven to be beneficial and effective.

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Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower Review
Best value

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