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Top 20 Reasons Why Women Between 24 – 50 fail to Lose Weight Even Though They Want To

Losing weight is one of the principal problems that many women face during their early 20s, and this stretches to the depth of their middle age. Many a time, they try to lose weight for different reasons- healthy lifestyle, a friend’s wedding, new look, self-development and so on.Lose Weight But the rate of failing to achieve the goal comes from a wide array of reasons. It is also evident that many women lose hope after they fail for the first time. But what they need is the proper analysis of their failure so that they can make modifications to their strategy and make a good result out of their next attempt. Here follow 20 reasons that usually occur during a weight-loss regime and causes millions of women to fail to lose weight.

  • Going For Unrealistic Goal

It is important to have a clear perception of what you want from your workout sessions. Understanding whether your goal is achievable within that time limit is imperative. If you set a goal that is not likely to be achieved within the given time, then you are expecting more from you than you can deliver. This burdening may hamper your energy and may take you away from putting up further effort.

Unusual Dieting

When a friend’s wedding is in the corner, women, who do not think of working out all the year, suddenly gets excited to lose weight because that would make her look good in the photos. In these cases, they pick up extreme diet regimens from the internet or some cheesy health show that guarantees quick weight loss. Of course, in the beginning, they get some result from those ‘7 days’ or ’30 days’ programs. They look lean for a little bit of time; people praise them on their achievement. But what they tend to forget that these force-feeding techniques are not to last for a long time. Eventually, the session will end, and after those long days’ of strict food habit, body will crave for foods you could not have all these days. In a result, consuming random unhealthy foods will take you back to gain weight again and this time maybe you would gain some more. To avoid the temptation to eat unhealthy foods you should Join the Red Tea Detox Program.

Emotional Eating

Food is good when it is a necessity for the body functioning.Emotional Eating When delicious test is added to it, food can become the savior of even a bad day. But, if it becomes an escape route from your pain, if you tend to eat just to cope up with your emotional difficulties, you will find yourself in an unhealthy corner. Overlooking your bodily needs, you will continue eating unchecked amount of unhealthy foods resulting in rapid weight gain.

Obsessed Over Healthy Food

In most women’s cases, whenever they find the reference of food with taglines like ‘health’, ‘light’ or ‘low-fat’, they go crazy over those foods. They tend to buy a lot of those foods, regardless of their taste, make themselves consume those foods to a great scale with the hope of getting a quick result in losing weight. They try to cut down all those foods that contain fat. But, like every other food element, we also need fat, for our body to function properly. To induce the proper assimilation of vitamins, we need fat. When we choose low-fat options, it means we are having foods full of carbohydrates. And this causes the fluctuation of insulin level may lead to fat storage.

Ruthless Comparison

There come many occasions, when a woman gets inspired from a friend’s workout regime and indulge herself in the same routine with the belief that they will achieve the same result from this just as her friend has.  But, what they miss often is the fact that each human body is unique and functions in different ways than the others.Ruthless Comparison While a particular food habit is good for someone, it is only natural for someone else to turn that out as allergic or harmful in some way. Besides, when a couple starts working out together, it may occur that the man is losing weight faster than his counterpart, leaving the women dissatisfied on herself. But, this is just biological as woman lose weight at a slower pace than man due to their hormonal change. Also, the menstrual cycle and mood swing may initiate the craving for odd food to comfort herself.  So, rather than comparing, every woman should stick to their workout plan to have a better and consistent result.

Hating Yourself

Self-loathing is one of the greatest destroyers that comes across one’s life. Those, who think they cannot lose weight or get a healthy life, are giving themselves negative stimulation that will make them ending up in failure. Often, this negativity comes from others’ words and these women take these hurtful words by heart. But, if they can look up to their strength, they will find themselves more open to adapt a healthier lifestyle.

Putting Self After Everyone

By nature, women care about others first. All over the world, women put their families ahead of them. First, it is her parents, and then it becomes about her husband, kids, and in-laws. She keeps on running through the house, making meals, getting husband ready for work and the kid for school, doing laundry and other errands that need her attention. In all these chaos, she often skips her morning meal, the most important one of the day. In a result, they take on consuming unhealthy snack all through the day. This mindless eating does not cover for all her nutrition needs but helps her gaining weight incessantly.

Lack of Nourishment in Body

Lots of women out there punish themselves with starvation once they decide to lose their weight. Depriving the body of having nutrients will only result in muscle loss, inability to function properly and drowsy feeling. Rather than telling your body that it is in a survival mode and it needs to store food (fat), register food as a natural nutrient that will help you go along.

Excuse to Avoid Exercise

Being indulged in household chores and other errands, women usually feel reluctant of doing exercise regularly. Even if someone tries to put up with the workout regime, she may face coaxing from friends and family. And after all the struggle to go to the gym, she may lose interest after a few days and go back to the previous routine. But, it is imperative to continue and to go to the gym may not also be necessary. Many exercises can be done successfully at home, and your regular household chores can also be incorporated into your workout list.

Having Too Much Junk Food After Workout

When our body starts losing weight because of our workout sessions, we tend to feel more hungry and often eat more than what we have just burnt. In the case of most women, they do not always get time to make a healthy meal as they are constantly busy with other works. It leads them to have junk foods randomly.Junk Food This self-rewarding eventually ends up in gaining more weight.

  • Searching For Shortcuts

Many women pick up workout strategies that promise an instant result, like ‘abs in 5 minutes’ or ‘7 kg loss in 7 days’. But, these programs have severe side effects. As these are unstable programs, once you leave doing these, your weight will come back again because of your self-deprivation during the workout period.

Making Weight-Loss The Ultimate Target

When you consider losing weight as the final target regardless your physical condition, you will end up making your condition worse. Losing weight may not always be healthy. Due to different diseases, you can lose weight, but that is unhealthy. And when you find yourself in a corner where you are losing your health as well as your weight, you will start regretting your decision to attempt in losing weight.

Remaining Stressed Out

Being stressed out always has many harmful impacts on the body. Gaining weight is on its top list. Stress triggers cortisol which is an appetite-increasing stress hormone. When this hormone gets released, your body feels the need of having something to eat, though in reality, your tummy is already full. But, succumbing to this desire is almost inevitable and in a result your end up eating junk foods which will not be digested quickly. When you continue this, your weight gets a hike.

Drinking Alcohol

While having an occasional drink is nothing of much concern, regular drinking even in moderate level may cause severe weight gain disregarding your hard workout sessions. In a single glass of wine (5 ounces), there are 120 calories at least.  Consumption of a glass of cocktail will bring more harm as 300-400 calories are pass to you when you have a glass of cocktail.

Having Dairy Too Much

Dairy products are great, and it is nice to have dairy products in your daily consumption list. But just like the phrase, ‘Too much of anything is bad’, having too much dairy product does have its negative effects. Milk is full of calcium and protein, and that is good to have. But it also has 5% carbs. In a late, 9g-15g carbs may appear. And if you add yogurt, fat cheese, cream and other dairy products in your daily consumption list, chances of gaining weight will arise.

Too Much Fruit

Fruits are like the magic box full of amazing nutrients.  Having berries, banana or mango on breakfast and as desserts denotes healthy habit, but till a certain age. Women who are in their mid-thirties are more likely to face problems if they consume too many fruits. The sugar and fructose in the fruits are one of the reasons that add up fat in the body. To be saved from this, nutrient dense low carb berries are the best solution available in hand.


Coffee is a popular drink worldwide. Many women across the world love to have 2-3 cups of coffee to relieve stress. But the caffeine in coffee may also cause many side effects including weight gain. Caffeine brings out adrenaline swiftly. It also makes the liver release glucose from glycogen stores. In a result, glucose causes insulin released again.  In this way, fat burning gets a halt and fat starts getting stored.

Not Having Enough Sleep:

If the body does not get enough sleep, the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) increases, and it ignites appetite in an unhealthy way. So, whenever you are not sleeping enough, you will feel like having food regardless of the actual necessity. And in a result, you will gain weight even if you are on a workout schedule.

Thyroid Problem

No matter how much you work out, some physical condition may make you disable in losing weights. Having problems in the thyroid is such an issue that puts a bar on your metabolism. The thyroid is located in the neck and takes hormones out that is responsible for the metabolism. If thyroid does not work in full-functionality, a condition named hypothyroidism occurs, and weight finds its way upwards.

Medicine May Become the Reason

Pills can make you gain more weight than you ever wanted to have. Almost all the medicines prescribed by doctors can be a reason for gaining weight. Medications for type 2 diabetes, schizophrenia, blood pressure, antidepressants, hormone replacement therapy drugs, birth control pills and so many others contribute to your weight gaining without your acknowledgment.

Not only the women between 24 – 50, but also all other woman are susceptible to failure in losing weight because of problems in lifestyle, daily routine, lack of willpower and so on. But particularly the women of this age group are more prone to gaining weight and hence comes their effort to lose it. Often these women try different ways to lose weight but do not understand what strategy will suit them. To take a proper plan; first, they need to know the cause of the problem. Only then can they sort the way out to get rid of extra weight.

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