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Tips For Buying A Best Rowing Machine

Professional rowers or enthusiasts, rowing is an effective workout for everyone who wants to stay fit physically. Exercising on a rowing machine has its impact on the whole body. All the major muscles are involved in this workout hence the overall fitness can be achieved easily. Be it for the gym or home, for mass use or personal, there are certain factors that are to be considered before buying a rowing machine-

                                      Purpose of buying

Manufacturers provide all sorts of rowing machines to consumers. Depending on the purpose of usage, one can choose different machines of different grades. Usually the heavily built rowing machines, meant for gym or any other kind of mass usage can also be used at home as it can comply with all sorts of stress levels. On the other hand, the rowing machines meant for home users are advised not to put on mass usage as it wears off under repeated using by numerous number of people.

                                               Price range

Of course, new models come with the latest technologies and a handful of features. But, newer models also come at expensive price. So, before buying, one must set his budget limit considering his requirement from that rowing machine. Now usually this is the price range that goes in the market-

Low-end: 400 USD and below

Mid-range: 400 USD – 700 USD

High-end: 700 USD and above

                                   Quality brands should be preferred

Before buying, it is important to remember that, trusted manufacturers should be preferred to than that of unknown cheap model makers. From low-end to high-end, certified manufacturers usually ensure the reliability of the machines for a longer period of time.

                                    Space to keep the rowing machine

Among two types of rowing machines, the folding type can be folded into a compact size and can stay in a corner occupying little space.  On the other hand, fixed machines are space consuming. User experience tells that the fixed machines are usually more durable than the folding ones. But, considering the space that these take, folding machines are preferred to the fixed ones for home use.

  • Select between different types of rowing machine:

There are four basic types of rowing machine-

  • Air Rowing Machine
  • Water Rowing Machine
  • Hydraulic Rowing Machine
  • Magnetic Rowing Machine

                                                                      Air Rowing Machine

Air rowing machines usually have efficient resistance system. In this system, the more intensity is applied by a user, the more resistance will come into existence. Vice versa, less intensity will cause less resistance. This is the common type of rowing machines used in gyms or health clubs.

There is one disadvantage of this kind of machine though. The fan blades that are used to create resistance create quite loud noise while in use. But overall, air rowing machines have very smooth rowing motion.

                                                                    Water Rowing Machine

The water rowing machine has a closer feel to reality. The rowing motion, feel in hand and the sound created by the machine takes the user to the experience of rowing in the outside world. Here also, the resistance will depend on the rowing intensity of the user. These machines are heavier than the normal machines and also require more maintenance because the water in cylinders has to be changed at regular intervals. Usually, these are the highest-priced machine type that is available in the market.

Water Rowing Machine

The oar blades, move through the water and create resistance with quite some noise. But as this noise resembles the rowing sound outdoor, user can row in a tranquil state.

                                                                        Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Cylinders of hydraulic machines are filled with oil and this oil is used for resistance production. These are very light-weight machines hence easy to store in any corner. Resistance can be adjusted here according to different users. Of all types of rowing machines, this is the lowest-priced type out of all rowing machines.

                                                                       Magnetic Rowing Machine

In this resistance adjustable type machines, magnets are used as the core power element. Here one can adjust the resistance level as per his requirement but usually provide less resistance than the air and water ones. In noise generation, these are machines are very quiet comparing other types. These are also lightweight machines, easily transportable anywhere. People who seek a high quality product with no maintenance at all, magnetic rowing machine is the best choice for them.

                                                              Check the functionality

Before buying rowing machines, one must check the rowers. Having durable material and strong grip are the signs one should look for. Another important issue is the length of the slide track. Having a decent length of slide track gives the user the better ability to control the sitting position ensuring his comfort. The material of the seat is also a very important factor in buying these machines. So, before going to buy a rowing machine, one should have a trial of that respective machine.


Warranty is an important issue in buying these kinds of products. As these things are used frequently, they may wear off after a certain period of time and then the warranty will come handy. Usually, rowing machines come with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Start reading reviews of different brand users

Not only the rowing machines, before buying anything like a free standing pull up bar or a treadmill studying a little on that product’s market situation gives the buyer an upper hand in purchasing a better product which will be of value for money. Same goes to rowing machine purchase. People who have already bought rowing machines write a review on the respective products and by going through different opinions, one can have a better understanding of what he should buy.

Before buying a rowing machine, covering the above-mentioned topics will likely help the consumer to buy a better product. In this era of social media, advertisements may prove wrong as not always the advertised product and the one that comes to the user’s hand are same. So, checking it properly before buying will assure the buyer of the product’s durability and stress enduring level. Among all kinds of rowing machines in the market, there are quite a few who meet the above criteria and having one of those few will surely be of a reason for happiness later on.

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