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Secret Tips on Biblical Healthy Eating to Keep Fit

God has made our body as like an engine which comes with a specific lifespan. If you treat it well, it will perform better.

Here the word Treat comes with the meaning of a healthy lifestyle. And you know most the part of leading a healthy life is laying with the healthy eating. Isn’t it?

So, how to have this healthy eating? Did he give us the guideline who created this body engine?

Yes, he did.

In this article you are going to know that – what does the Bible say about eating healthy.

Why eating healthy is so important? 

Why having a fresh and sound life is so important? You must die one day! Isn’t it right?

“No, not at all”. – Your answer must be that! Yes, we all want to have a life diseases-free and full of joy. And, that’s the reason why we need eating healthy. An unhealthy eating lifestyle never would let you live a long life with an active body. 

Our blessings life deserve these from us-

  • A body, free of diseases.
  • Physical and mental fitness
  • A sound weight
  • Delaying the effects of aging 
  • Minimum energy to be active
  • A strong immune system
  • Remain focused on all job
  • Lengthen the life
  • Always to be in a festive and fresh mood

Don’t say that you won’t be like to have these! 

For all of us, these are the vision to lead a healthy lifestyle, and you know what? These are the actual output of eating healthy. 

What we should and shouldn’t eat-A Complete Guideline According to the Bible

God guides us with the Bible even for eating behavior we should have. If you want to add and avoid some eating following the Bible, you should have a brief idea about what foods are acceptable, and what’s forbidden here.  

 See what you should eat that is acceptable according to the Bible-

  • All the Fruits

The Biblical diet permits all fruits as they come from the seed. Mainly it says the trees whose edible yield is bearing seeds or is a seed, which indicates all the fruits and grains that can be anything that grows on a shrub or on a Vine also with a woody tissue. 

The fruits and grains mentioned in the Bible are:

Apple’s, Olives, Dates, Almonds, Grapes, Figs, Melons, Raisins, Pistachio nuts, Sycamore fruit

Barley, Corn, Bread, Flour, Spelt, Unleavened bread, Wheat.

  • Plants of the field

The field plants indicate the herbs, leafy vegetables and also the root and green of a plant. 

The plants and vegetables that are mentioned in Bible are-

Beans, Cucumbers, Leeks, Lentils, Onion, Coriander, Grounds, Anise, Dill, Cumin, Garlic, Mint, Rue, Mustard, 

  • Clean Meat

You are allowed to eat the meat of all animals that have the hoof cloven in two and chews the cud; thus the clean meat.

As for the seafood, only certain are suitable that have fins and scales; according to the Bible.

Some bird animal meats that are considered as clean meats and suitable for eating are-

  • Partridge, Quail, Dove, Pigeon.
  • Oxen, Goat, Lamp, Calf, Sheep, Venison

What are the forbidden foods in Bible you should avoid?

  • Animal fat

The state to forbidden of animal fat is the part of The Old Testament purity code, and it’s often ignored. But avoiding this food can save you from lots of unwanted diseases as really this fat food is horrifically unhealthy.

  • Bats

Certain sea animals and land animals are said as forbidden in Bible as the Crustaceans, Shellfish and Pigs. Though Bats are not a bird, these are listed in the bird list of Leviticus 11 as not to be eaten. 

  • Blood

Blood consumption as food is totally prohibited by the purity code of The Old Testament. It’s better to avoid taking these as food for health reasons as it leads to a risk of iron poisoning or lingering diseases.

  • Insects 

According to the Leviticus, list insects are declared as off-limits. Though some of the insects are a great source of protein, they are also can be toxic for humans as some of them contain poison. So it’s better to look for protein from other sources, God made available for us. 

How God healed my digestive system-Complete Bible Info 

God has provided us with the things that we need to live, and he has guided us what things should be used in which manner. 

He made the natural substances and the food (which is not forbidden) that comes with the healing properties.

Some of the food mentioned in Bible has proved to heal our Digestive system. For example, say the Olive; it has a link to prevent cancer, diabetes.

Pomegranate is considered for preventing chronic diseases as insulin resistance, obesity and so on. 

Some others are Grapes, Flax, Sprouted grain bread etc. also provide as the source of nutrients that are mainly using as preventing diseases.

However, you will notice some highlighting capabilities of the food that God have mentioned specifically; that’s the way how God healed your digestive system.

 Is there any miracle food mentioned in the Bible?

Yes, miracles happened with Moses, Ezekiel and also with the Israelites within the food, mentioned in the Bible.

Some of the notable foods are these-

  • The Manna: God rain down for the Israelites
  • Gold Power mixing with water: Moses forces the Israelites to drink
  • Bread and Excrement: the ravens fed Elijah
  • Salt into poisoning spring: Elijah threw, and it became freshwater
  • fish and loaves: Jesus multiplied for the poor and hungry people
  • water converted in wine: Jesus first miracle 

 Can we stay healthy by eating unclean food mentioned in the Bible?

It’s true that, unlike the other religions, for the Christians, there are no such restrictions for the food.

A few lists of food are there have forbidden for them, and most of those are proved as unhealthy.

Unclean food as the spiders, flies, rats, bats and mice have no such medical view to have it for health.

Even researchers prove that these certain animals are likely to spread epidemics for centuries.

If you notice the foods that are not allowed, you will find no such things that can improve the health but for the taste.

It’s simple if you give priority to the taste, you can eat anything whatever you want. But for a healthy life you should sacrifice things; then why not it is from the Bible?


God gave this life with blessing. And also he guides us on how to build this life. So, our life deserves it to have a blessing.

 Who knows its better, which will be best for us? Obviously is he who created us. Follow the secrets he gave even for eating. It can never disappoint you!

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