Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill Review 2021

In this modern era, people are highly concern about their health. Most of the people want to do exercises to keep the health at a fine tune. Doctors say, walking and running is the best way to get a better health within a short time. But the fact is, it is sometimes tough to find some time for walking or running. Sometimes it also happens for lacking of a good place. But you can solve the problem with only a treadmill.

If you are searching the best manual treadmill and you have a budget under 200, you should go for the Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill. But why you should choose a manual treadmill instead of an automatic treadmill? The answer is the price. Manual treadmills are affordable and they are also effective. Though automatic treadmills have some extra facilities, but a manual treadmill is enough for you to burn the calorie. Here I am going to give an honest review on Phoenix 98510. Hope you will be able to make a good decision after reading the review.

Core Features of Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

Though the price of the treadmill is very low, but the construction quality of the treadmill is very high. This treadmill has constructed with the durable materials. This will help you to use the treadmill for a long time without any hassle. It is ready to do heavy duty. If you are a starter of the treadmill, this product will be the ideal one. There is a 41-by-13-inch belt in the treadmill. It is highly durable to give the best performance. This is a weighted flywheel belt which will help the user to get the maximum output from the machine.


Do you know what is the most common problem about a treadmill? Most of the customers of treadmills have a complaint about the storage of the treadmill. But you can stay secured with the Phoenix 98510. It's really easy to store the treadmill within a small place. As most of the treadmills from Phoenix has the folding capacity, this 98510 model is not exceptional. There is a pull pin in this treadmill. This pull pin allows the user to set the treadmill in the upright position with less effort. All you have to do is to use the pin. It is highly secured. The weight of the treadmill is only 45 pounds. That is why it is very easy to move the treadmill. This is an ideal product for them who want to buy their first treadmill but doesn't have a big space to store it.


The performance of this treadmill depends on you. As it is a manual treadmill, so you can run on the treadmill as at the speed as you wish. You can get the maximum jogging or walking speed with your self-powered workout. If you are in a little bit confusion about the manual treadmill performance, let me clear the thing. Manual treadmills are not able to move the belt its self for the speed. But that is not a fact for the performance. That is why this product is recommended. But you have to maintain a steady motion in the treadmill to make it able to give you a better performance. When user will increase the step, it will increase the power and will boost up the speed.


Everyone loves to see the workout progress in the treadmill. That is why this Phoenix 98510 has designed with a single button electronic display. The user can easily observe the distance and speed in the display. This display also shows the time and calories. That means you can easily find the ratio of your workout. It will also inspire you to do more work out to burn more calories. But like some high priced treadmills, it doesn't have any facility to update the data through a website or an app. But you can keep the calculation manually for a better result.


If you are an old user of a treadmill, you are may be known about the incline facility of a treadmill. But if you are a new user, there is a common option in the treadmills which is called the incline facility. The Phoenix 98510 provides 12.5% of incline level in it. This incline level is greatly helpful to burn some extra calories at the same time. More you increase the intensity of the treadmill; more fat will burn.


This one is another big fact about a treadmill. When I have searched on different forums to know what is the problem most of the people are suffering, I found the assembly problem. But you can stay worry free with the 9850 model of phoenix. It is very easy to assemble the treadmill with a few simple steps. There are no complex features in the treadmill and it let you set up the treadmill within a few minutes!

Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill


  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to use the treadmill.
  • Included display to show various of workout data.
  • It is a foldable designed treadmill.
  • Need a little bit maintenance.
  • Included lighter frame as it doesn’t have any motor.
  • Lightweight model for easy carrying.
  • 1-year of frame warranty available.
  • Perfect model for the beginners.


  • There are fewer programs available in the treadmill and no preset workout programs.
  • There is only one height setting is available in this model and no flat jogging way.

As I have mentioned at first it is a beginner level treadmill, so if you are a pro user of the treadmill, this model is not for you. If you compare the features of Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill with the price, you will find they are offering the best deal. Finally, it is your turn. If you think there are enough features to buy the treadmill, you should go for it. I personally recommend the product for the affordable price of the product.

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Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill Review 2021

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