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Is it A Smart Decision to Going From Cigarettes To E cigarettes ?

Technology plays a very significant role in very many industries, including the health sector. In the quest for improving smoker’s health, e-cigs were invented. The use of e-cigs has gained popularity all over the world, and more people are still shifting their inclination towards their use. However, like any other new invention, some people are still skeptical- which is normal.

Well, if you are among the people who are still reluctant about using the e-cigarettes, the truth of the matter is that yes, you can benefit from it in a number of ways, as highlighted below.

No noxious odors

After one smokes a cigarette, it is very easy for someone else to tell that they are a smoker. And this is because of the lingering smell that comes from the cigarette smoke. This smell is very disturbing to most people, and you might even find people avoiding you. However, since the e-cigarettes use different e-liquid flavors, it is quite hard to tell if someone is from a vaping session. As a matter of fact, you might even be complimented of smelling good, all thanks to e-cigs.

Reduces the chances of getting cancer

The moment cancer is mentioned, many people freak out. And this is so because it has claimed so many lives. Smoking is one of the root causes of lung cancer, which is the number one cause of death among smokers. Cigarettes contain high levels of carcinogens; more reason it is best to switch to e-cigarettes that contain lower levels of carcinogens. Significantly more, e-cigarettes contain lesser chemicals, which means that you are at a lower risk of contracting any smoke-related diseases compared to a person who smokes cigarettes.

No more yellow fingernails

One of the telltale signs that someone is a smoker is by checking their fingernails- they are mostly yellow. Have you ever wondered why? The contributing factor to yellow nails is the presence of nicotine and tar in the cigarette. And note that besides the fingernails, even the nailbed is stained as well. When a smoker holds the cigarette while smoking, there is no proper circulation of oxygen within the fingertips hence also contributing to the yellowing. However, using e-cigs subsequently reduces the yellowing of the fingernails as the output is steam and e-liquid flavor.

No more tooth stains

Cigarettes contain about 7000 harmful chemicals. Among these chemicals, there is nicotine and tar, which are the ones responsible for the yellowing of teeth. Many smokers have this in common, and it significantly affects their oral health. Our teeth have pores meaning that the continuous exposure of these chemicals is what leads to the yellowing or even browning of the teeth. Additionally, a smoker is at a higher risk of gum disease compared to a non-smoker. Using vaping technology, on the other hand, helps in promoting a smokers oral health. And this is so because the output of using an e-cig is steam and the e-liquid flavor. Therefore, if you want to maintain your smile as well as your oral hygiene, then it is about time to start using e-cigs.

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They help you control your nicotine intake

It is difficult to tell the amount of nicotine you subject your body to while smoking a cigarette. It is typical for an active smoker to smoke a whole packet of cigarettes in a day. This, as a result, means that they will have subjected their bodies to high levels of nicotine, which is very dangerous to their health. On the contrary, by using e-cigarettes, they can be able to control their nicotine intake. Keep in mind; the e-cigs come in different sizes meaning that one will be more aware of concentrates they use in a day. So much so, with an e-cig, you do not have to complete the whole of it in one session- you can always take a break. And this leads us to our next point; e-cigs can help you quit smoking.

E-cigs can help you quit smoking

Have you ever wondered why it is hard to get satisfied by just inhaling a few puffs of cigarette? Well, the nicotine found in cigarettes is what makes you crave for more and more in every single session. And before you know it, you might end up smoking more than two at a go. On the contrary, e-cigs contain less concentration of nicotine and other chemicals, which means that you can silence the cravings by inhaling just a few puffs. In the long run, your urge to smoke will deteriorate, and you will end up killing the addiction.

Affordable and easy to use

E-cigs have been in the market for a while now. They have since evolved and have additional features too. Needless to say, they are also very affordable. You are always guaranteed to find an e-cig that matches your budget. And they come in different designs, sizes, and colors, meaning that you can get one that you want that is within your estimated price range. Furthermore, using vape pens is not rocket science; you can learn from just reading the instructions on the packaging, and that’s just it!

Less environmental pollution

Have you ever wondered why smoking is not allowed in public places? For one, smoking next to non-smokers is very harmful to them. Secondly, smoking negatively affects our environment. As aforementioned, the noxious odor from smoking is quite a turnoff to many people, and smoking next to them makes them uncomfortable. You will even find that the moment you light up your cigarette, some people will immediately move away. To avoid such incidences and save our environment as well, using e-cigs is the best option. And this is so because using e-cigs do not result in a pungent smell of burning tobacco, tar, or carbon monoxide.


Going from cigarettes to e-cigarettes is indeed a smart and wise decision. Not only will you reduce your chances of getting smoking-related diseases, but e-cigs can also help you quit smoking altogether.

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