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Is Dumbbells Safer Than Barbells?

Exercising for building muscle mass and strength do require a lot of patience and effort. However, the burning question is which type of weights you should be using to get the maximum results. Not only the results, since it is related to the muscles in your body, you ought to be really careful about what you do. So, the real question is that what type of weights are safer for you, both as a beginner and an experienced one.

According to some experts, dumbbells are known to be safer as compared to the barbells. However, barbells do offer the perfect choice for a long term strength training, but there exist many areas where dumbbells are a better choice. Read below to know why.

  • Higher demand for stability in Dumbbells: Dumbbells always require higher stability of the muscles. When you stabilize the dumbbells in both of your arms, the overall muscle recruitment increases. Since your joints are stable during this, there are minimum chances of injury, unlike in the case of barbells.
  • Hitting more muscle fibers during exercise: Since there is an increased amount of muscle recruitment, you are likely to hit more muscle fibers in your body and eventually to increase the muscle strength and growth.
  • Dumbbells have a higher metabolic rate: Lifting dumbbells incorporated greater muscle recruitment which in turn promotes a higher amount of metabolic rate. This means that with dumbbells, you are likely to burn more body fat.

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In other ways, dumbbells definitely prove out to be a better choice for the beginners.

  • Since the beginners are new to weight lifting, they first need to learn the art balancing and to stabilize the weight in each arm.
  • If you cannot complete a repetition, you can always drop the dumbbells in between which is also easy on your sinking into it. Unlike in the case of barbells, where you get pinned down while doing a bench press or something. It might prove fatal to your back and joints if you are new to this. Therefore, dumbbells would be a far better choice regarding safety.

If we talk about the safety thing in terms of the variations it provides, then you shall be happy to know that dumbbells offer a lot of variations or variety in exercising, unlike barbells. There are a number of types of workouts that you can perform with the dumbbells. This shall keep you motivated and won’t bore you throughout the workout.

It is safer too to keep you on track of your workout routine so that you may not get bored and blow this off.

  • One other reason for dumbbells being more reliable is that you can easily self-spot yourself with the dumbbells. This means you can perform the workout with the dumbbells with your own customizations and hence spot yourself on your own regarding where you stand. In the case of barbells, self-spotting can get quite difficult to do as it takes more time to master it or simply be in it. But with dumbbells, this thing is quite simple.
  • Dumbbells surely offer a greater range of motion. This is not only convenient for the beginners but also for the regular workout people since a greater range of motion opens the door to a greater range of possibilities. This will help hold your interest intact. Also, it is safer since a greater range of motions means your muscles get to experience many stretches which will eventually build up strength so that any fatigue and other sprains are avoided.
  • Dumbbells are safer if you are an occasional workout person who does it to release stress. Since it won’t get all heavy and quirky on your muscle all of a sudden, the dumbbells stand at the first choice regarding safety before the barbells.

Barbells are however better overall in strength building. But in terms of safety and variety, dumbbells continue to be people’s first choice. So for the next time when you are looking for something that is easy and safe on your body and does offer a great deal of variety, go for dumbbells without a doubt!

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