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How to treat constipation

Constipation is the word we use when there is a true difficulty in passing stool, mainly when the stools tend to extremely hard. They can appear to be little, almost like rabbit droppings or big. Bloating of the stomach sometimes accompanies constipation which causes the patient further problem.

A situation which most people occasionally experience can turn into big difficulty for those who must frequently encounter it. This can be both awkward and painful for the person experiencing it. Ladies are affected more than men, constipation is also general in the elderly people.

Constipation Causes

Lifestyle plays a big part in causing constipation. It really is necessary to eat healthy and varied diet and to exercise daily. Movement and activity helps in stimulating the bowels, as does eating inadequate amount of fiber.

Lack of liquid intake

Alcoholic drinks and coffee is not as beneficial as drinking ordinary water. Both alcohol and coffee have a dehydrating affect on the body, which can cause or aggravate constipation.


Medication can also be a problem of constipation. If you suspect this could be the factor for your constipation, then discuss to your health advisor or doctor.

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are other vital factors. If you are experiencing constipation, ensure that is not being caused by a tense lifestyle. Simply rejecting the need to go to the toilet is another factor that should be overlooked.

Certain serious medical situations which affect the rectum and colon may also cause constipation.

If you have ruled out the above, and if your bowel movements have dangerously changed, then visit your doctor as soon as possible. There truly is no need for embarrassment.

In addition to these likely causes of constipation, there are also manylong-term sickness and situations that could be activating it.

Again, check with your doctor to get rid of underlying medical problems.

Here are some quick constipation remedies

Drink enough liquidconstipation

The water is most vital for softening your stool. Drink at least twelve glasses of water per day. It supports your digestive system also washes out toxins from your body. Liquid support your bowel moment. You can drink water with an empty stomach as much as you can.

Lemon water

Citric acid plays a significant role for constipation treatment. Lemon is packed with citric acid. You can drink lemon water in your regular routine. It is simple one to prepare at your house. Squeeze lemon into hot water and sip or drink it until it finished.

Guava seeds

Guava is a best remedy for constipation. Guava seeds are a natural laxative for you. Buy some fresh and fragrant guava cut them and enjoy. But be alert if your digestive system is weak so reject seeds.

Olive oil

Olive Oil is one of the best constipation essential oils and it makes your stool softer when you drink olive oil. Drink one spoon of olive oil on an empty stomach. Always prepare your meals with olive oil. You will see outstanding results in curing constipation only by using olive oil.

Using Calcium and Magnesium

Using magnesium and calcium is the best in relieving constipation. They can help in the proper functioning of your colon and keep you regular.

In your colon, calcium gathers with surplus bile and decaying fat to make a risk-free inexplicable soap, which is leaked with your stool. This supports to keep your colon perfect.

Calcium is safe for pregnant ladies and they should take an ample amount of calcium.

The top calcium to take is calcium orotate, gluconate, or aspartate. The gluconate type is like the calcium you obtain from milk and some vegetables. It is a calm calcium and is simply absorbed by young’s and children with bad digestion.

The foods to eat for good calcium are:

Barns, gelatin preparations, kelp, cottage cheese, cauliflower, pulse, celery, cauliflower, nuts, greens, seeds, bone broth, cheese, skimmed milk, lemons, rhubarb, fish, egg yolk and Goat milk.

Magnesium helps decrease constipation

Magnesium, a kind laxative, supports to stop constipation by soothing your colon walls when you are under anxiety, have stress, or have lots of worries. It normalizes stress on colon walls permitting for a general peristaltic action.

Because magnesium encourage water, you can bring in liquid into your colon by eating magnesium tablets or by eating items, which are rich in magnesium. Liquid in your colon creates your stools softer and permits your colon to soak upliquid from your fecal substance if your body requires it.

If taking hypoglycemic drugs, magnesium may raise absorption of these drugs. It is advised you talk with your doctor on the effects of magnesium with the kind of hypoglycemic drug you are taking.

If taking magnesium, do not take it within two hours of taking any type of drug. If you have serious heart or kidney disease, you need to reject magnesium and talk with your doctor on its use.

There are some of the foods that are top in magnesium

Chard, soy milk, prunes, peas, cashews, avocados, fish, cabbage, honey, tofu, lentils, spinach, pears, pecans, oats, apples, apricots, cornmeal, nuts, grains, wheat germ, berries and greens.

Colon cleansing to cure constipation

  • It purifies your blood
  • It improves your immune system
  • It flushes out the undigested food and fecal matter stuck on the walls of the intestines.
  • It detoxifies your body and improve the bowel movement
  • It flushes out the undigested food
  • It supports you fight the infection and allergies

Other techniques to get rid of constipation

  • Yoga is also quite amazing in this regard. Various breathing exercises and asanas support in cleaning the body energy flow and makes the bowel movements normal.
  • Acai berry diet is also very effective in this case due to its top fiber content. It also supports in weight loss.
  • Acupuncture is found to be beneficial in treating this issue.
  • You may go for homeopathic solutions
  • You may also take fiber supplements.


If you apply the above-mentioned techniques, you can cure constipation easily. Please do not forget to share the article.

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    Healthvive August 25, 2018 at 6:11 pm
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    Constipation is an irregular or difficult bowel or discharge rather than routine exchanges. Eating is a major issue for cleanliness.
    It is possible to prevent constipation by eating adequate fruits, vegetables, fennel or cellulose foods.
    There are several reasons for constipation, like-
    1) If you do not drink plenty of water with food.
    2) In the absence of physical exertion and exercise
    3) As a result of long travel, meeting, work-busyness etc.
    4) Can lead to constipation due to worry or anxiety.

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