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How to Get Affordable Health Insurance

If you are having trouble finding affordable health insurance that will also provide all the necessary health coverage, you are not the first one.

Getting health insurance is crucial because it lowers the total medical cost, which otherwise can be quite a burden to carry.

Though most jobs nowadays include employer cover, it is still not enough as the medical expenses can go out of hand. Finding a good health insurance plan is hard enough, never mind an affordable one.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss how you could find health insurance that fits your budget and covers all the necessary health risks you may face in your lifetime.

But before knowing how to get manageable health insurance, let us see why a health insurance plan is so important.

Why you need a health insurance plan?

As we mentioned before, acquiring health insurance is quite essential. In this segment of the article, we have mentioned why health insurance is considered so important.

  • If you have a health insurance plan, it will cover all the essentials you need to maintain your health and treat severe illnesses and unwanted accidents.
  • Having health insurance can reduce the medical cost when you least expect it.
  • Health insurance plans cover some standard health care issues and reduce your medical costs even if you do not check all the required boxes.
  • Health insurance plans also provide some free medical services like providing vaccines or initial monthly medical check-ups.
  • All in all, having a health insurance plan can save you from paying any kind of penalty that people without a health insurance plan have to pay.

Now that you know why a health insurance plan is so critical for a person let us discuss how you can find a suitable health insurance plan for yourself that covers the necessary health care provisions and is also affordable.

How to get affordable health insurance?

Acquiring an affordable health insurance plan can be quite confusing. But if you know the ins and outs of health insurance plans, this process becomes easier to understand and get.

In this segment of the article, we will guide you on how you can get health insurance that fits your budget, cover your needs, and what you need to consider before buying health care plans for yourself.

Things to consider before buying health insurance

There a few things to consider if you want to buy a health insurance plan. As health insurance plans require you to give a monthly fee and the amount varies depending on how many services you wish to receive, you might consider going through this part.

  • Consider your yearly income

The first and foremost thing to consider before health insurance is your yearly income and how much you are willing to pay monthly for an insurance plan. You may also receive some special offers if your annual income fits specific ranges.

  • Monthly payment

You should sort out how much you will pay regarding your health insurance. Your monthly payment will decide what tier of medical service you will receive.

Usually, it is better to spend 5% of your annual income on your health insurance. This range is suitable for your budget, and it also should meet the premium cap depending on where you live.

  • Know the difference

It is essential to know that health insurance and private health insurance policies are not the same.

While health insurances cover almost all the medical costs, personal health insurance policies do not. So, it is better to know what you are getting beforehand.

  • Preferred Insurance plan

Insurance companies offer different tiers of health insurance plans. These tiers embody the services you will receive and the amount of money you will have to spend monthly.

The higher the tier, the lower the deductible, and the lower the tier, the higher the deductible. Higher tiers offer lower deductibles at the expense of higher monthly payments, and it is the opposite for lower tiers.

We prefer getting a metal tier as we think it hits the perfect balance between a reliable health care service and an affordable one.

  • Inspect the insurance company

Know what services your insurance company offers beforehand and see if the included services fit all your needs. You might want to check marketplaces to find out the perfect health insurance plan.

  • Short-term insurance

If you are still hesitant or unable to find a suitable and budget-friendly offer, you might consider buying short-term health insurance.

These health insurances last for a year and do not require much monthly payment at the expense of providing lower benefits. Insurance companies update their insurance plans every year.

So, this way, you can wait and find a suitable insurance plan for you while not being so vulnerable in the process.

Getting a budget-friendly health insurance plan

Here are a few ways that we think you might find enticing for getting a budget-friendly health insurance plan.

  • Employer insurance plans

Most big companies nowadays are offering health insurance for their full-time employees. If you are working in such a company, you should consider getting this insurance provided through your work.

Considering other employees of your company are also buying the monthly cost can be very low for a group plan. You can also include other family members as well and reduce the total insurance cost by doing so.

Getting an employer insurance plan can be way cheaper compared to buying one on your own.

  • Individual health insurance plans

In case your workplace does not provide employer insurance plans, you have to opt for buying an individual health insurance plan.

 You can look for suitable deals in the marketplace and find out the best fitting deal for you. But be aware that these insurances have a specific enrolment period, and you cannot buy one before or after that time.

 The only way to get health insurance other than that time is through qualifying for life events.


So, this is all you need to know about how to get affordable health insurance. We hope this article helped you to decide what type of health insurance plan you want!

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