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We know that inversion table is a very much health-friendly product as keeping yourself protected from homed working time than you. Let’s go through the history of the development of this inversion table. Let’s dig it more to find out how the people were actually.

Inversion therapy is the old golden technique to reduce the back pain of human body. Basically it helps to get rid of the pain at spine and its surrounding area. The doctor of that days used to prescribe this trick to their patients so that they get the natural process to become comfortable.

The use of inversion therapy started when Hippocrates tied up a patient with ropes and pulleys on a ladder. Hippocrates was the father of medicine. That was the first time implementation of Inversion Therapy practically. The time was 400 BC. Now, at this modern age, this is one of the best medical treatments people follow instead of taking high dose medicine.

The idea of inversion therapy has spread out after the introduction of “Gravity Guidance System” by Dr. Robert Martin. He was a medical doctor, a California osteopath, and chiropractor. This system launched in 1960’s. So early, right?

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Initially it was just a trick to the patient so that they can get a comfortable treatment without going through medicinal treatment. The concept behind this therapy to invert the gravity effect on human body especially on the spine. And, fortunately people got the best favor of that time.

With the passage of time, it has become the most familiar therapy. People are buying products with the implementation of this therapy.

The gravity concept based on the inversion therapy went so viral that Dr. Martin was featured in the Wall Street Journal. That was a huge success for him, indeed. Besides, he got many familiarization and popularity through media coverage.

Later on, Dr. Martin, Jr. took a step and made a printed copy of his book based on Gravity Guidance Inversion concept. After that, he made a table where people easily could apply this trick. Combining both the book & the table Dr Martin, Jr. got a tremendous success all around.

After that, popularity in different media started to rise up gradually. Then few companies attempted to work with inversion technique. They got interested to produce a market oriented product. At that time, manufacturers like Bud Leach Table & the BackSwing has risen up.

After the market coverage of inversion table and book, boots were initialized and even got the popularity through a popular movie named “American Gigolo”. On that movie star Richard Gere used the inversion boot and the market value of inversion boots went over $70m. People got crazy with those boots.

This was the time when so many manufacturers started to produce and build up inversion based products. People also got interested suddenly. Among the manufacturers many of them couldn’t make business due to their quality. Few got the lottery of their life. Because it is relevant to the human health. So, if your product damages the health efficiency instead of improvement then people won’t buy that product, right?

In 1983 Dr. Goldman and his colleagues proved and assured the increase of blood pressure having the inversion therapy. Sometimes it increases eye pressure.INVERSION THERAPY

Dr. Goldman tried harder and researched a lot considering the side effects. At that point, more in-depth research has been done and more improved product developed.

People got scared suddenly with the negative impacts of an inversion table.

Several universities did research to develop new products so that side effect gets lessened and inversion therapy got the acceptance as similar as fitness activities.

The manufacturer companies again got interested to start producing inversion tables. And in the early stage Hang Ups has become the quality inversion table manufacturer and distributors. Teeter Hang Ups is their new branding & new market position.

Using such inversion table from the local brand, you couldn’t find the exact quality. You’ve to find out the best option. Choosing the best inversion table you can ensure that your health wouldn’t get injuries.

An inversion table is one of the popular products that is based on the inversion therapy and gravity guide.


Final Words

So, just take the opportunity to have your best inversion therapy product for your personal use and be safe. Because you would find inversion boots, bed & table in the same source. The product from these people can’t get rid of. So, manage your home based appliances. In the market, various types of inversion tables and related things are available.

Decide first which type of table you want to buy. Its size is important, right? Without matching with the size you wouldn’t get the best product. Then according to your comfort try to buy the best comfortable & productive thinking.

Keep in mind that, you have a family and you need to take care of the family people. Comparing the health related issues compression table is the minimum requirement if you went through a surgery and you want to save your leg from different unwanted happenings to your life and keep the shape changed all around the world.

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