Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Review

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Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 is one of the best rowing machines out there. Concept 2 model d is very popular for it’s durability. It is sometimes said that this concept 2 rowing machine can go on for a lifetime. It has a solid design. It is very easy to use and comfortable.

It works so smoothly. Firstly, you’ll get the feeling that you are not doing any exercise. But this indoor rowing machine will silently show you how it is reshaping your body. Concept 2 model d is the type that is used for Olympics too. A lot of gyms keep this exercising tool. It is highly rated and totally effective. If you are too busy to go to the gym, you would love this one. You can just put it on one corner of your house. Then whenever you get time, use it. It will never disappoint you. It will help you to get a fit and healthy body.

Core Features of Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5
Performance monitor
There is a computer monitor like part attached to the concept 2 model d. This monitor displays all the details about your exercise. Speed, pace, distance, these are all displayed here. You can have your exercise and look at the monitor. You can adjust the handle of the monitor. This way you can put it in a position which is convenient for you. When you exercise it will be right in front of you, if you want. You can attach heart strap to your chest. It will show your heart rate on the monitor. It will save it for further check. There is another reading you will get from the monitor. That is the amount of calorie you burnt. It will calculate your exercise rate and compare it to your age. Then it will give you the perfect number of just how much calorie you have burnt.
Exercising with concept 2 model d gives you the smoothest feeling ever. The flywheel attached to it makes the exercise session very comfortable. You will have a feeling like you are not doing anything. It is like playing with something. When at the same time it keeps working with your body. It works on the perfect spots that need to be fixed. This flywheel is the main resistant here. There is a damper setting. With it, you can increase or decrease the quantity of the resistance. It goes from 1 to 10. The more you pull, the stronger resistance you feel. Besides, this Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 is very quite. Suppose you need to exercise but your baby is asleep. In that case, you can either exercise or just give up for the day. The flywheel of Concept 2 Model D Indoor prevents any sort of sound. So, you can exercise and not disturb anyone.
USB connection
This advance concept 2 model d has a USB port. With this, you can connect the performance monitor. It can be connected to a computer or a MacBook. You can upload all your daily exercise data in it. There is an online logbook called ‘Concept2 Utility’. There will be other concept 2 model D users. You can compare everyday improvement. Also, it helps you understand just how much you need to improve. You can also compare with someone else. Comparing with someone who is already improved will make you understand your gap. Another good thing about this program is the health issue. With that recorded history you can check if you are okay. If you see anything unusual you should go to the doctor. Since it records your heart rate, it is very convenient.
Comfortable seat
There is a seat of 14-inch height. This seat moves with your push and pull. It is very easy to move. If the seat is not flexible, you cannot move the way you want. Also, you cannot create enough resistance. But this concept 2 model d moves really well. It goes up to 14-inch height. You can create forceful air in the flywheel with this. Then when you pull, resistance is very strong. The chain you will be using is nickel plated. So, it is durable. Using the seat you can pull very strongly. The seat is really well padded. So, you can comfortably sit and do your exercise.
Concept 2 model d is very convenient to use. It makes sure that you are using it comfortably. The handle you will be using to pull the chain is ergonomic. You can grab it very comfortably. It does not do any harm to your hand. It’s smooth and gentle to your hand. You won’t feel any pain. The footrest that it has is also comfortable. It is adjustable. It requires footprint of 9 x 4 feet. Also, this concept 2 model d has a 500-pound capacity. Even the bulkiest person can use it. You can just use it and shape yourself up. It will support you with no problem at all. This concept 2 model d can easily be kept inside your house. You don’t need any extra room for it. Even after placing it you will get plenty of space. You can just watch some television program and do your exercise at the same time. You can also separate it into two pieces and put it in a corner of your house.
  • Less noisy workout.
  • Flywheel design.
  • The chain is nickel plated.
  • Performance monitor.
  • Separable for storage.
  • Seat height of 14- inch.
  • 5-years warranty on the frame.
  • Footrest adjustable.

  • It is 8 feet long. Consumes space.
  • The handle could be a little rough.

Concept 2 Model d is a very handy tool. People who are very serious with their exercises can use it. Above is my review on this product. You can buy this rowing machine if it suits your test. Which is, I guaranty it will. There are other rowing machines. You can try one of them or you can give it a try. You can buy it from the original vendor. I have also provided a link for your purchase. You can buy it from there. If you have any queries then contact us. Thank you!

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Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Review
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Performance monitor
USB connection
Comfortable seat
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