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Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is the complete form of a home gym. Within your busy schedule, you might not get the time to get to the gym. But you love to exercise. Also, you have a very fitness issue. In that case, you need a complete home gym like this one. Going to the gym is costly too. And if it is buying equipment separately, it would take much more money. Your tight budget is bound to fit with the price of this masterpiece. Wasting so much money and time on gym activities is very inconvenient. Instead, you can just open a gym at home with bowflex pr1000 upgrade. Then you should exercise whenever is good for you.

Core Features of Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym
Bowflex pr1000 upgrade is a very strong and durable home gym system. You can use it for your extreme exercise. It will give you the feel that it is worth it. It has an excellent resistant quality. It has power rods that resist to your pulling and pushing. The harder you pull the stronger resistance you will get. It is like going against a formidable opponent. It gives you resistance up to 210 pounds. The crossbow system it has is very unique. It earns the bowflex pr1000 upgrade some extra points. If you are a beginner, that would not be a problem either. It will give you less resistance for your exercise. It can create low resistance as little as 5 pounds. It makes your exercise harder gradually. Thus you can improve on each level.
Different Exercises
Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym offers different types of exercises. It is a complete way to do exercise. It offers you more than 30 exercises. You can shape up your whole body. Upper part and lower part exercises can be done. Seated Lat Rows, Reverse Grip Pulldown, Seated Low Back Extension, etc can all be done with it. Your arms, legs, chest and other parts are shaped up. There are hooks that you can use to hang weights. So, you can have extra hand works. Novice people can easily set it up to their convenience. They can change into any easy training. All they have to do is do some reform.
This bowflex pr1000 upgrade is very convenient for the people who don’t have the time to go to a gym. You don’t need extra time for this home gym. You can do your work and complete your chores. After that, the little time you have, spend it on exercising. This home gym from bowflex does not consume very much space. You can put it in your little apartment. You can put it with other furniture. It requires only 100 x 78-Inch workout area. The adjustments of this home gym are very convenient. The power rods are easy to control and set up. Adding more rods or cable adjustments is easy. If you are new to this you would have no problem. Everything is labeled for your convenient.
Rowing training
This home gym can be used for rowing training. Seats can slide. It can work like rowing machines. You can use the rods to make your most convenient one. Aerobic rowing training is very rare among the home gym features. But this home gym of bowflex pr1000 upgrade has that very thing. Your legs get well fitted. It has leg presses and seated leg extension. So, exercise is very comfortable on it. It burns calorie easily. It is good for cardiovascular warm-up and to cool it down. You don’t have to spend money on buying a separate rowing machine. It will give you all the convenience of a rowing machine.
Comfortable seats
bowflex pr1000 upgrade has very well padded seat. They are very comfy. Doing exercise is already hard. This seat can give you a little comfort while you exercise. It can slide according to your need. You can adjust it the way you want. It helps you to do rowing training too. The seat is made of high-quality materials. They don’t harm your skin in any way. The seat is very durable. It stays well for a long time.


  • 210-pounds resistance.
  • Full body workout.
  • More than 30 exercises.
  • Affordable price.
  • Rowing machine rail.
  • User weight maximum 300-pounds.
  • Needs small area of 100 x 78-Inch.
  • Horizontal bench press and lat pull down included.

  • It does not have any instructional DVD with it.

bowflex pr1000 upgrade is a very helpful home gym. People new to their exercises can use it. Above is my review on this product. You can buy this home gym if it suits your test. Which is, I guaranty it will. There are other home gyms. You can try one of them or you can give it a try. It is very rare to find quality full home gyms within this price. But, bowflex pr1000 upgrade is an awesome exercise material. You can buy it from the original vendor. I have also provided a link for your purchase. You can buy it from there. If you have any queries, please contact us. Thank you!

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