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Best Free Standing Pull Up Bar in 2019

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Are you going to the market for buying a new exercise product? You know there have lots of product about health around you. Most of them are expensive, and some of them are heavy weight. Honestly, If you have a big budget to spend on your health than you can buy a treadmill. But do you know that a free standing pull up bar can make you fit like you do with the treadmill?

A free standing pull up bar is much affordable than other exercises equipment. You don’t need a big space and heavy work for doing your performance with that. It’s really costly and tough to go every day to the gym and pay your trainer for little help. If you have a standing pull up bar in your home, it could be an easy task, and you don’t need much spend for your body.

Today, I’m going to listing 7 best free standing to pull up bars which people using in 2018. Those are the latest model and more flexible than the previous time. I am just listing up some cool products which can rich your home and your workout equipment as well. Here we go.


Stamina-1690 Power Tower

free standing pull up barAre you looking for a durable and one of the best free standing pull up bar? Then you can go with Stamina – 1690 Power Tower. I can’t describe this one with short words, but I can recommend that you must have it if you are thinking to buy your first standing pull up bar. Stamina – 1690 Power Tower has lots of functions to move your body next levels. It made with pure steels and for this its look so glorious. Which will help to avoid rust? It’s free-standing, has non-marring ft. that safe-conduct floors, and non-slip finish cover for protection.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower



Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Body Champ Fitness Multifunction Power Tower 71p7smkkvcl-_sl1500_is another most attractive power tower. It’s the power tower can be relied upon with unique design stations that adapt to a wide range of training. It has a sheet resistance grappling foot, back for optimal safety. To work less and benefit sharing your quads, you can get a global immersion station with a train of multiple positions grip and lift the leg. Come up with dimensions: 57.5L x 42.5W x 84.63H inches. Heavy-duty steel frame, with box style, cushions. Three station fitness tool for ab and upper-workout.

This free standing pulls up bar will let you enjoy the upper body exercises demand because of its well-designed pull-up and chin stations. Also, it takes little space of your home or work space for doing your best performance during your busy day.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower



Weider Power Tower

Weider Power TowerIf you are looking for luxuriant your home exercise than Weider power tower can facilitation you! Because this free standing pulls up, bars is another favorite and best seller pulls up bars in this year. For buying a durable steel body with dazzling design, there is no combination without it.

Every time spending a few dollars doesn’t mean that you are going to buy a cheap and rubbish product. I can especially recommend you that for an affordable price this is the best one to buy. It has added grips for comfort, a sturdy dip station for easy exercising the shoulder, biceps, plus a cushioned vertical knee raise station for working the low body and quads.

Weider Power Tower



Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise StandUsing the excellent features inspired by traditional weight exercises having a fusion from the 2017 and weight training trends, the Cap Barbell FM-CS7000F Power Rack Exercise stand can’t ever dissatisfy.

The Cap Barbell Power Rack measures 46 inches thick, 50 inches wide and 85 inches high when put together, which supplies a smaller sized footprint hence can easily fit into smaller sized spaces. Additionally, it includes a 3-step powder sheet finishing which ensures outstanding stability. Its smooth finishing is resistant to rust, scratches, and damages that may readily occur when exercising.  It’s become worthy to buy if you want to save your money with quality.

Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand



XMark Power Tower with Dip Station And Pull Up Bar

XMark Multi-Function Power TowerXMark is the highly rated brand for health and fitness topics who produce lots of handy and quality fitness product over the world. With standing pull up bars XMark became much famous for their quality building. This  XMark XM-4434 power tower is one of the best stylish designs with white and gray theme balance.

XM-4434 power tower is versatile pull and dip duty that supports a quality of exercises. Also, it includes a scratch-resistant powder coat finish resistant to rust. The slip-resistant rubber fit that surety floors from scratch and scratches along with a high-density 12-inch double-stitched cushion having a break.

XMark Power Tower with Dip Station and Pull Up Bar XM-4434 (Gray or White)



Titan Power Rack

Titan T-3 Series HD Power RackFor doing preceding exercises at home, Titan Power Rack is one of them. It has well-made and sturdy body shield which helps you to put pressure on your lower body without any injuries. At exercise, minor injuries happen for crack and crappy equipment. That’s why Titan Power Rack focused on this part, and they make it safer with floor guards. For this, there was no change to going slipped on the floor.

This standing up pull bar made with a heavy duty steel bar, which can take more than 700 pounds of weight. That’s much enough for a safe workout in the home.

Titan T-3 Series HD Power Rack Squat Deadlift Lift Cage Bench stand cross fit



Elite Pull Up Bar

Elite pull up barElite pull bar by Trapeze-rigging is suitable for new or a professional. This pull-up bar made for everyone, and you can use it in your home or your gym. It looks stylish and builds with strong metal which is more durable and flexible for exercises. Elite pull up bar is very light weight, it’s around 36 pounds of weight. Which means it’s not hard to move your favorite tools from one room to another.

You can easily setup this pulls up bar and set anywhere in your room or gym. This exercises tool made for you height people; you can control the height from 77 inches to 90 inches. So basically any heights are adjustable for any people. Set your height as you want, for this reason, you can move your body part quickly without any impact.

Elite pull up bar



Ending Of The  Free Standing Pull Up Bars Review

Before ending this review, I would like to thank you for reading this article. I listed up those 8 crazy and professional free standing pull up bars which could help you out for fit your body more. If you want to know about my best choice, then I should say those name for it. Stamina-1690 Power Tower, Weider Power Tower and XMark Power Tower. Hope this article will support you for your next performance.

Editor choice

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