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8 Proved Solutions to stop drowsiness during day time

Do you find yourself sleeping even when you are performing the most sensitive tasks that require your attention? Are you fighting with yourself so much to remain awake most of the time especially during the day?

You are probably experiencing a condition known as drowsiness. In this state, one experiences persistent sparks of sleep out of the ordinary sleep time. Being in this state largely interferes with your work performance. It such unpleasant experience that might endanger you.

An example is when driving. The good news is that there exist solutions to stop drowsiness. These solutions are simple and easy to practice. Keep reading and find out.

Fast solutions to remove sleepiness

1.    Get sufficient sleep at night

Most of the people don’t know the exact amount of sleep a person actually need. However, one needs to sleep for an average of eight hours per night. Sleeping periods lesser than this will make you strain during the day. You will have to strive to maintain this time for sleeping enough time to relax after a whole day. In order to remain active throughout the day quality sleep time at night is very key.

The more rest you enjoy during bedtime, the more active you will be in an entire day. Stop daytime sleeping by sleeping well during night time. Try observing the 8 hours recommendation and experience the difference.

2.    Try to sleep as earlier as possible

Sleeping very late in the night shortens the time for bedtime sleep. Adjusting your sleep time gradual is the way to achieve this. Start getting to bed twenty minutes earlier than your normal time.

Try maintaining this for about a week and you will find your body adjusting as well. Drowsiness during the day is as a repercussion of bad sleeping habit. Sleeping late is one of the poor sleeping habits. Make time so that you can retire to bed early enough for a reliable rest period. Keep this pattern a routine and you will soon realize that sleep won’t disturb your daytime functioning

3.    Don’t forget to exercise daily

Having a daily routine of exercising helps a lot for one to sleep well. Exercising between 30 to 40 minute a daily will help improve your sleep in the nights. Besides sleep working out helps you to refresh your brain activity and keeps you alert. Exercise in the daylight is even greater as it will improve your sleep practices.

This is according to the finding by the sleeping experts. Enroll for anaerobics class if possible and experience the incredible sleep changes thereafter. If you have weight issues exercise is another plus. It will help you to cut down the fats faster, clean your system while keeping fit at the same time. You will not only improve your sleep patterns but your whole body a activity as well by exercising daily.

4.    Wake up at the same time everyday

Setting up a consistent wake time is another practice that will help fight against drowsiness. However, this can be quite a challenge if you suffer from insomnia. The best way to go about it is developing it gradually. set up your time and try to adopt the same each day you wake up for about a week or months. This is until you are able to do it comfortably without frustrations.

Having such a routine ensure that you are also going to bed as earlier enough for a good rest. Having a day free of drowsiness is your next breakthrough since you now got it under control. The whole idea is to ensure that you are getting to rest for long enough. This will help to ensure that sleep doesn’t interfere with your level of activity in the day.

5.    Don’t take afternoon naps

Getting to sleep in the afternoon will definitely reduce your sleep during the night. There’s high temptation of having to extend the sleep through to the night. You may lose it midway especially if you aren’t a heavy sleeper.

This may lead to restlessness during bedtime and thus less time for sleep. Your daytime activeness isn’t a guarantee if this happens. There are high chances that you will tend to fall asleep during the day. It’s therefore advisable to avoid it as much as possible to escape drowsiness.

6.    Have a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet during breakfast throughout out lunch keeps one energetic. Lack of energy makes you prone to sleep during the day. A healthy meal will promote your entire performance during the day and keep alert.

Try to practice having meals at least 2 hours before you sleep. This will help you have a restful night as most of the digestion will have taken place. Eat less during dinner time as you have fewer activities to engage in other than the sleep.

7.    Drink more and more water

Taking plenty of water hydrates your body increases its activity than the contrary. Water energizes and cools your body as well promoting alertness.

8.    Make a habit of meditating

Performing a bedtime ritual including meditating helps your mind to keep off stress from the day’s engagements. Once you are free from stress you are able to sleep calmly and fast. Meditating is such a great way to kill any negative emotion as it refreshes your brains leading to relaxation.

You can combine bedtime meditation with playing some soft music after taking a warm shower. You can further take a hot cup of milk or herbal tea to calm you more but avoid if makes visit the bathroom often. Practice this bedtime ritual and enjoy a sleepless day the following morning.


Drowsiness has a lot of negative effects on your and even to others. It generally slows down productivity making one unreliable. But this does not mean the solution isn’t there. As earlier put in the above narrations it is quite easy to fight drowsiness and make your day pleasant.

Simply turn these solutions into your sleeping goals and you will definitely reap the benefits. Do not make drowsiness an excuse anymore by being responsible for providing own solutions for a better and active self.

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