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6 Excellent Ankle Weight Exercises For You

For grabbing a perfect shape of your leg and bum muscles, Ankle weight tools is very modern and efficient over the world. This tools can help you make a high tone of your lower body side. Some simple excise can burn your lower fat within a little amount of time.

You can do Ankle weight exercise from home, and it could take small place. Every day around 30 minutes of exercise can make a perfect shape in 4 weeks.  That kind of exercises targets lower part of body muscle group such as inner and outer things. For getting a great result, you need to pick a perfect balance of your ankle weights with your strength. Because If it’s too heavy, you may feel pain and loss your stamina quickly. So it’s important to pick a good one for you.  With the addition of the absolute minimum quantity of weight, the lower limb muscles must exert considerable effort to lift and balance the weights, which supplies maximum results.

Before describing this performance, let’s see why such exercise is necessary for our body.

Why You Need Ankle Weight Exercises:

  1. For increasing your exercise power
  2. It can help you to move various way during exercises
  3. For Increasing your non-leg muscles
  4. Grab a perfect shape of your bum
  5. Rising your muscles strength.
  6. Sometimes it helps to lose your lower belly fat.

Here I’m talking about six excellent ankle weights exercise which is easy and need a small amount of time. Those activities can easily finish up without massive work out, and you can feel your changes within four weeks.


Side Leg Raises

side-leg-raisesTo do this exercise, you first have to lie down on the floor on the left side. Keep your head high and keep the left hand on the mass balance of the body. Now at the top of your right foot down a little bit faster and remove the courtyard. Do this around 20 times. After that take a 30 seconds break and after the break again down the right side and the left foot on top of the exercise.


Squat Jumps Exercise With Ankle Weight

squat-jumps-exerciseThis type of exercise is too fast for you to bring some good results if you can do it on a regular basis. Make light work out this exercise before. Tightly add some 5-10lb ankle weights for your legs. Stand together with your ft shoulder-width apart, arms with you. Begin using a regular squat, then engage your core and jump up explosively. Whenever you land, decrease your body into the squat position to accomplish one repetition. Do two teams of 10 reps.


Knee Extension Exercise

knee-extension-exerciseDuring this exercise, you will need a chair. First, sit quietly in a chair. At the top of your right foot, then slowly raised until the knee is not up to your feet. Hold as long as possible to keep your legs. Then slowly remove your foot down.

Raise your other leg the same way again, and slowly drop down. Try to do this eight to ten times per day.


Leg Extension Exercise

leg-extension-exerciseLeg extensions exercise to assist you to construct your quads femoris muscle. For doing it one first, take a seat on an ordinary chair together with your ft in normal position on the ground. Now lift up your right or left leg and extend your legs. After which gradually decrease your feet and continue doing this process 15 to 20 occasions. Now, do same for that other leg.


Kick-Ups Exercise

kick-ups-exerciseBegin with your hands and knees on the floor. Keep the right leg straight behind you. Keep it straight as high as you can go, and held your back as it does. Lower foot, but never on the ground. Perform 12 to 15 counts for each leg.


Bicycle Crunches

how-do-bicycle-crunchesThis type of exercise part of your back with your lower pot belly of enough help to reduce fat.Bicycle crunches work your whole waist and therefore are done laying face-up on the ground. Raise your legs, bend the knees 90 degrees and level your limb towards the floor. Remember after placing their hands on the side of the mind, move your right elbow and left knee toward one another while stretch your right leg. Now turn back move and drop your left elbow and right knee toward one another while you extend your left leg. Alternate inside a cycling motion 15-20 times.

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